Satesfied customer

Ola Hagelin Designed his own coin and we made him 1500 coins

Happy customer

Daniel from "the sons of Odin" bought 3000 Viking Coins

Make Your Own Coin

We specialise inmaking custom coins just for you.  perhaps you want your teams logo on it or a nice picture of yourself

Our Standard Coins

If you are looking for something more common then chanses are we have what you are looking for in our standard sortiment. we have many theams of coins and several value coins.


14. Jul, 2019

Still working

We are still working on the design on this webbsite. And also som technicalities that we want to work properly.

We hope that you will be patient with us.

However if you want to know more about us or our product then all you have to do is send us a message. it´s FREE ;)

13. Mar, 2019

under construction

And We'r back after a year of absens. the first thing we are going to do is remodeling this webbsite !
So if something looks a bit off, then rest asure that we are working on it.

12. Feb, 2018

New boxes

We have gotten the new boxes and have started to pack the coins!

24. Sep, 2017


We have expanded the team with a new co worker. Daniel has experience in the coating fields and have a backround in tabletop rpgs.

15. Maj, 2017

New collaberation

Thera are new coins on the way thanks to our new collaberation with Biohazards Viking Shop.

So all you Viking fans out there - this is something for you!

Thanks to Fredrik at the Viking Shop we vill also start selling hand made Leather pouches here to match the coins we're selling.

2. Mar, 2017

Getting Your Own Unik Coins

We can now offer coins stamped with the motive of youre choise .
Anything from your own face to your compay logo.
Ask us for the price and we'll start from there.

5. Sep, 2016

The Full Dwarf Series

Finally we can offer our first complete coin series . The Dwarf 1
to all you Dwarf lovers out there - Enjoy

20. Mar, 2016


In the new gallery you can follow our journey.

25. Dec, 2015

Vaults Full

Our new coins are ready and the vaults are shining with Gold Silver and Copper

1. Jul, 2015

The New Dice System

The Dragon Dice - The new way to throw dice